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Tunnel oven
  • Tunnel oven
  • Product specifications
    • Product name:Tunnel oven
    • Product number:1
    • Product introduction

      Energy use: Customized Voltage specification: Customized Baking time: Customized Baking temperature: 20-300/400 degree Celsius Number of inlet and outlet baking trays: Customized Chamber Size: Customized

  • Details
  • Baking range:

    Bread, pastries, biscuits, moon cakes, hamburgers and so on.


    1, 35 years manufacturing experiences technology.

    2, intelligent PLC control baking time and temperature.

    3, gas combustion way and be proportional type or switch type.

    4, optional length and width specifications, can be customized.

    5, tunnel oven can be running by electricity, LPG, or diesel.

    6, the transmission system automatically refueling function, automatic limit switch.

    7, The structure and material can be customized according to customer requirements.

    8, the use of imported cotton insulation, thermal insulation effect is very good, less heat loss, energy saving.

    9, gas leakage protection, gas high and low presure protection, electric leakage protection/ power failure safety protection function.

    Special Note:

    Tunnel oven can be customized according to the requirements of customers baking products: customers can choose the length and width of the tunnel oven, the energy use can be electri, gas or diesel, the control system can choose economical or luxury type.

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