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Bread Making Methods


Bread is prepared with fresh yeast dough, rolling, stuffing, moulding, and finally baking. The key to making bread is to control the flour selection, fermentation, baking three steps.

1.Flour selection:

The main material is flour in bread making, flour selection is the key to make good bread. General the gluten containing of the flour should be more than 25%. The bread made with this flour has good fermentation, elasticity, and softness.

2. Fermentation:

Bread making using yeast fermentation. In the modulation of bread dough, in addition to the use of liquid fresh yeast, it also need oil, sugar, eggs and other auxiliary materials. The amount of the ingredients vary in different bread. The following is taking general bread as an example to introduce the fermentation methods.

   (1). Standard flour 5 kg (high gluten), sugar 1.5 kg (hot day 1.5 kg, cold 1 kg), 750 grams of oil (lard or vegetarian oil), 750 grams of eggs, fresh yeast 120 to 150 grams, 2.5 kg water (hot day 2 kg, cold 3 kg), the rest such as salt, flavor, caramel water a little.

   (2) The modulation method in two stages. The first stage is the fermentation of small yeast. With one-third flour , add 500 grams water, and then add fresh yeast kneading, fermentation for 2 hours (some for 3 to 4 hours).

3. Baking:

Controlling the baking temperature is the key to bake good bread. The baking equipment normally are gas oven, electric oven, far infrared oven. Bread baking at high temperature in the oven. The products  not only can be cooked, also the bread surface will become delicious golden color, soft, sweet and delicious and so on. The following example is gas oven baking, teach you how to adjust the baking temperature. Baking bread, generally require high temperature, but at different stages it require different heat. The first stage top temperature is lower (about 120 ℃), the bottom temperature should be higher (not higher than 250 ~ 260 ℃), so that it can avoid the bread surface quickly shape, also make bread expansion moderately. The second stage, both the top and bottom temperature must be high, top temperature up to 270 ℃, and the bottom temperature should not exceed 270 ~ 300 ℃, the bread shaping. The third stage will be gradually reduce the top temperature to 180 ~ 200 ℃ , the bottom temperature reduce to 140 ~ 160 ℃, the bread surface coking and forming bright color, also improve the flavor. All baking time according to the size of the bread, such as 100 grams small bread for 8 to 10 minutes. So in the three stages,  "first low, then high, and then low" of the different heat, you can bake quality bread. The temperature of the other ovens can also be appropriately controlled in accordance with this variation.