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Types of Baker 's Yeasts and Methods of Use


 Commonly yeasts can be divided into two kinds for baking.

1) fresh yeast: Squeeze the yeast liquid and the moisture is removed after a certain pressure,

but the fresh yeast storage temperature is very strict, only suitable for preservation below 4 ℃, the shelf life of the fresh yeast about one month.

2) dry yeast: This type of yeast is a better variety selection and breeding with the production

 requirements, the continuous evolution of times, biological engineering and mechanical engineering progress; by more modern low-temperature drying treatment become powder, although the yeast has 

become dry, but it will be oxidized by the air , so they need wrap completely packaging method, so 

that the yeast is protected, vacuum packaging to ensure better preservation.

Instant dry yeast is developed against the shortcomings of fresh yeast; the dry yeasts are more easy 

to transport and storage. Transport and storage are not required to use refrigeration equipment, as 

long as the general room temperature can be stored for two years, they also reduce costs; Because 

the removal of large amounts of water, transportation costs can be greatly reduced (no need

refrigerated vehicles And minus the weight of water), without cold storage, so minus the 

investment in refrigeration equipment.

In the bread  production process, the dough fermentation, the motive power is from the yeast, 

so the quality of yeast directly affect the whole bread production process and the bread quality, 

bad yeast even make the bread production completely failed, so the choice of yeast is extremely